Windows 10 shortcuts – six useful ways to work faster


Did you know there’s a world of keyboard shortcuts available to you with Windows 10?

You can check out the full list of keyboard shortcuts here, but here are six to help you get started working faster and smarter:

Minimize all your open windows with Windows key + M

Windows 10 shortcuts

Snap one window to exactly half of your screen with Windows key + either of the side arrow keys, and magically snap a second window side-by-side for easy multitasking.

Windows 10 shortcuts
Need one more window? Press Windows key + the “up” arrow to snap a third.

Open Cortana* in listening (voice-command) mode with Windows key + Shift + C

Windows 10 shortcuts

Open Settings with Windows Key + I

Windows 10 shortcuts

Open the first item you have pinned on the Taskbar with Windows Key + T, then use arrow keys to move between other pinned apps

Windows 10 shortcuts

Open the Action Center to view your notifications with Windows Key + A

Windows 10 shortcuts

*Cortana available in select markets


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