Rename This PC to My Computer in Windows 10

Rename This PC
Right click on "This PC" and click "Rename"

This PC” is something new for latest Windows OS users. Microsoft has changed our old friend “My Computer” as “This PC” from Windows 8.1 and it has continued in Windows 10 too. We may need to change this name back to old name to reduce the confusion in the latest OS and see the same set of icons on the desktop. For example, someone will not know how to “right click on My computer” icon on Windows 10 even though the “This PC” icon is exist, possible right?. Because ordinary users will be searching for the same My computer icon only. And more surprisingly, the “This PC” icon is hidden by default. So it will create more confusion and trouble. Here we show you how to easily change This PC to My computer in Windows 10, so it is applicable for Windows 8.1 too.

First of all, if you do not see This PC icon on the desktop, follow this guide to show it on the desktop. Once it has appeared in desktop, you can rename it to “My Computer” easily. Even if you do not want to show it on the desktop, still the renaming can be done in Windows explorer.

Rename This PC to My Computer in Windows 10

Make sure you can see this icon on the desktop or Window explore as below:

Rename This PC
This PC icon on Desktop


And this is in Windows explorer:

Rename This PC
This PC in Windows Explorer

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The method is not so complicated, to rename the This PC to My Computer, select the object and press F2 in the keyboard, or right click on it and click Rename.

Rename This PC
Right click on “This PC” and click “Rename”

Then change the name to “My Computer” or whatever name you want:

Rename This PC
Change the name to “My Computer”

That`s it, short and sweet. You should be seeing the renamed “My Computer” on your Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 computer now.

Rename This PC
Renamed This PC icon

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